88 Days Until the End of the Decade

I've just Googled it. 88 days until the end of 2019 and 88 days until the end of a decade. Wow!

It's just over 12 weeks and wow can you believe how quickly the last 10 years have (almost) gone?

This is a question that has been floating around on social media a lot this week. A lot of people have 12 week programmes launching taking participants to the end of the year and trying to make changes in their life and business.

I'm doing the same right now. I'm with my friend/mentor/client Laura Powner and we are recharging our batteries while working on plans for her next quarter and beyond. Even though the focus is on Laura and her business, I draw inspiration from her constantly for my own plans.

Even though it is both sensible and exciting forward planning and feeling proactive rather than reactive, I think it is often equally as important and powerful to be reflective.

The Power of Reflection

Being reflective allows you to tune into some personal power. Your life will probably be completely different to your life 10 years ago. I know mine is. My son is here now, we have moved twice in that time, I have changed careers and been through the mill but come out on the other side smiling.

You are capable of anything you want in this life. I truly believe that. I believe you can tap into your personal power at any point and make stuff happen.

If you were to look back at your life over the last 10 years, ask yourself what have you made happen? 

What occurred when you tapped into your personal power?

What did you achieve when you stepped up, took action and conquered your fears?

When you look back at your life over the last decade you can see the patterns, the twists and the turns. The hardships may not seem as harsh on reflection and you may even view the tough times with that beauty of hindsight as a positive lesson. 

You may look back and celebrate the wins. The lifetime achievements (for me that is my son, renovating our forever home and writing my book), the new friends you have made, the businesses you built, the career you've excelled in, the new family members you have created or watched grow or maybe you'll reflect on the positive memories of ones who have departed.

So very much can happen in a decade which should also give you comfort, joy and excitement of what is completely possible over the next 3740 days until New Year's Day 2030.

We all have complete responsibility over our lives. Even when our lives no longer seem like our own, maybe due to illness or stress, we can still make conscious decisions daily that shape our happiness.

Life is good. It really is. We only have one (in this lifetime anyway - depending on your beliefs) so what will YOU achieve in the next decade? What are you capable of?

Only you can decide. Only you can believe. Only you can take that action.

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