Ah I am gutted you know.

Writing every single day on this blog challenge was going to be the proudest moment ever. Being able to stick to something for a whole month was going to be such a momentous occasion.

As I’ve explained in my book Self Discipline, I haven’t got any of the stuff. It’s why I wrote a book about it and why I write this blog or have the Facebook group.

I know everyone is busy these days. Absolutely everyone is pushed and stretched and I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses but this month has been absolute chaos work wise. I don’t need to go into details but put it this way – a 5am to 1am day was the norm really. I was surviving off 4 hours sleep a night, sometimes less and it’s been a real hard task to squeeze in the writing.

I took on a full time employed job back in September and I’m desperately trying to still have my own writing projects on the side, but the job has to take priority.

Actually that’s not entirely true and right. The job has to take third priority. Myself should be first, my family second and my job third. I am sad to say it hasn’t been that way at all these last few weeks. Actually thinking aloud, it’s been a slog of about 10 weeks really including all over Christmas.

BUT… sometimes you have to bend your own rules. 

I talked about the need to drop perfectionism in my very first blog. Yes I might have failed my own challenge, but it was my own. Nobody else was imposing these rules on me. Unfortunately two really important projects cropped up at work and I was called upon to help. Although knackering, I did love it and learned a lot from it. So who is being the perfectionist again?

I said I wanted to blog about it but who says I have to? Why not do these responses in a video format? So here you go, here’s my answers to the last five days worth of writing prompts;

The Remaining Questions

Day 24: Where in the world do you have no desire to travel and why?

Day 25: What relationships are draining you?

Day 26: What’s something from your past that you’re thankful you gave up on?

Day 27: List the 5 people you spend the most time with. How have they affected your behaviours, thoughts and life?

Day 28: Your job is to reduce the pain in the world. Where do you start?

My Video Response

Thank you for joining me on this journey of blogging (and now vlogging with this video as of today!).

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait to think of the next topic to write about!

Just a reminder if you’re reading this and you fancy getting a copy of my book while it’s on sale with Amazon and Audible either click mybook.to/selfdiscipline or click the banner below if you wish to sign up to Audible and get my book for free!

Thanks for the love this past month, new focus for March coming tomorrow!


PS – I almost forgot. The video I mention in the end of my video there about Marissa Peer’s “I am enough” message can be found here.