One skill you always wanted to pick up and why?

Oh this is an easy one today!

I ALWAYS wanted to learn how to play the piano. I don’t know why I didn’t. Probably because my poor mum and dad already paid out the equivalent of a second mortgage on singing lessons, gymnastics, group drama lessons, private drama lessons and dance!

God I must have cost them a fortune.

So yeah piano was always something I wanted to do for a few reasons.

I love to sing. I think I’ve written about this before on the blog. Oh yes I did. Here’s that article.

Well singing has been a skill of mine for as long as I can remember. As I get older I might not be in a band anymore but singing is still a big stress reliever for me – plus it’s a lot of fun! I love a good sing song and I’m hoping Shaun will let me get a proper karaoke set up in our kitchen once he’s fixed my disco lights. (Note to Shaun: please fix my disco lights).

When I used to sing in my teens at school or college my music teacher would accompany me on the piano. There’s something so wonderful about singing along with a piano compared to a backing track. You can be more fluid and flexible or just go for it and completely ad lib.

An old mate of mine, Hywel Evans (who also ended up becoming a radio DJ) played the piano so well. He always said he couldn’t read music but could play by ear. I would be mesmerised watching his hands just play the right notes and create the most gorgeous sounds. Hywel tried to teach me to play the piano and the only two things I can play are The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve and a chord sequence from Blood Brothers. Both taught to me by Hywel, both ingrained in my brain somewhere.

I was always led to believe that if you hadn’t mastered the piano as a child there was no chance of mastering it as an adult. Now though, that seems like a limiting belief and as I type this I’m wondering if it’s true? I suppose the only way to find out is to learn!

One of my friends Roxie is a piano teacher. I attempted to get Blake to learn to play but despite Roxie being an incredible teacher, he’s a boy and at the time he was only just 5 so he didn’t want to and wasn’t able to sit still. Three years on, I do pay for keyboard lessons for him at school but I’ve no idea if he’s making progress. He’s definitely not practicing at home as we put his keyboard in storage when we moved into the caravan.

Roxie posted a quote on her business Facebook page that said only 20% of children learn to play music but 70% of adults wish they had! Also this is a great quote from her page too:


Roxie’s right. We are all beginners at anything that is new to us. We all have to start somewhere.

I’ve been looking at my entrance hall tonight, clearing away bits of old tiles and the giant mountain of crap that has accumulated ahead of a tip run. Our hall is unusually large and wide. It’s been annoying me what to do with it as it feels like dead space that should’ve been better planned in the renovation process. Looking at it tonight though and realising that Blake’s school keyboard lessons are possibly a waste of money if he doesn’t practice I thought “you could get a piano in here!”.

I looked online and some really old and rubbish ones go for like £50 on ebay. So it would look quite nice and ornamental but I am actually really keen to get maybe an electronic one that looks traditional. My niece got one for Christmas and it’s gorgeous. So maybe both Blake and I could benefit from having one around? Shaun plays guitar so is musical too and I wonder if it could be good stress relief for us all?

Although actually thinking about it, Shaun did teach my niece how to play Baby Shark on her piano and now my sister wants to electrocute him. So maybe we do need an electronic one where you can plug headphones into it? Hmmmm wonder if Blake could be persuaded to ask for one for Christmas from Santa?

So in the future there’s no reason why I couldn’t get a piano in the house and no reason why I couldn’t book with Roxie for some lessons – if she could cope with me?! It’s not something to consider right at this very moment as life is NUTS and I barely have time to wash my hair never mind master a musical talent. However it’s nice to know that one day I might.

I mean if this dog can learn, so can I right?

What about you? What have you always wanted to learn? My friend Stacey said wolf whistling like Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City when she hails a cab. Sandra said crocheting, Holly said speaking another language and Michelle said learning to sing.

What would you love to do? And next important question… could you learn to do it? What is stopping you?

Gem x

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