I got a job on the BBC!

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you might remember back in February I did a journal prompt a day challenge.

I did this to test my own self discipline and make sure I could dedicate time each day to writing.

At the time I was working full time in the NHS while working on book projects on the side. It was very difficult trying to balance the full time role with running a house and book promo tasks.

One of the journal prompts asked about the best job you’ve ever had. You can read it here.

I talked about my time working as a radio presenter and writing the blog, thinking back over all the positive memories really made me miss that part of my past.

Well, call it divine intervention or The Universe or whatever but I knew in my heart that although working in the NHS had great career potential for me, my heart wasn’t in it. I missed being self employed and in charge of my own diary. I don’t work best on a strict 9-5 timetable and found myself ploughing many early morning and evening hours into the employed job while neglecting my book and publishing tasks. So without anything concrete to move onto and with just a belief within myself that it would all work out, I quit the permanent role and gave myself a month to focus on my own projects.

I quit on a Friday afternoon. On the Monday I had an opportunity present itself to go back on the radio.

Talk about timing!

So after a couple of meetings, a scrambled together demo recorded in my kitchen and an agreed start date, my co host Nicola Adam and I were all set to start our weekly radio show on BBC Radio Lancashire.

It’s called Grin & Tonic and we will be broadcasting live every week from 4-6pm on 103.9FM if you reside in he North West of England.

You can also listen live from anywhere in the world via the BBC Sounds app or listen back to any of the shows there too.

Our show has a heavy focus on books and literature with our weekly Grin & Tonic Book Club. We also have a weekly guest who will be interviewed about their triumphs and life lessons. With laid back chat and great tunes, we hope it promises to be a great Sunday afternoon listen.

Listen again here