Sarah Humphreys from Light Up your Brand is this week's Guest Blogger. In this article she talks about the things she's learned in over two decades of business about achieving your big goal. Sarah is a sales, confidence and business coach, NLP specialist and lifelong entrepreneur.

How To Achieve Your Big Goal

The one thing behind every goal is a desire to achieve it, and this always involves developing a strong mindset for success, because as we are all well aware of, any goal can feel like an up hill struggle at times! But hopefully you choose to read these tips, and they will encourage you along the way of your path to success.

You Choose

Today I’d love to share with you some easy mindset techniques I’ve used and developed over the years. Once we recognise that we choose our path daily we can then create a positive action on how to overcome any obstacles. Developing a strong mindset and self-belief in who we are, is important for our wellbeing, and our success to achieve our desires.

If we flex our mind muscle and develop a good mindset we are able to push through those invisible barriers, and feel empowered, and confident to do more, that’s why I’m incredibly passionate about the importance of having a healthy mindset and I’m really excited to share this with you.

The thoughts, feelings and emotions, we are feeling right now will affect the decisions we make, right now in this minute.

A good example of this is a goal to increase our health and fitness.

So imagine that goal in an ideal day; where we wake up early, have a work out, get complimented on how amazing we look. We then trigger the feelings and emotions of achievement, happiness, and proudness, we will then be more likely to nourish our body kindly with healthy food, and look to do the same the following day. The decision to get up and go to the gym then had a continued effect on the rest of the day. On the opposite end of that spectrum we could choose to work late into the evening; have a few glasses of wine, go to bed late, then wake up after our alarm, not have time to go to the gym, or eat breakfast, make poor food decisions all day, and then go on to berate ourselves on how we are feeling emotionally, and discouraged from our lack of achievement and no where nearer to fulfilling the original goal of increasing our health and fitness.

Steps To Help You To Create A Positive Mindset

Firstly get really self aware and be conscious of anything that you feel could be holding you back, people commonly use the same replies to hold themselves back from doing things, not enough time, don’t know how to do it, other things are more important.

The interesting thing though is this…it’s often the things that we hold ourselves back from doing are usually the things that will create the biggest impact and changes in our life and what will push us nearer to the sense of achievement.

Take a look at any habits you’ve got in your life  – do you need to change your mindset and create a new habit to be able to focus on your life greater so you can hit your goals?

Try focusing on these things –

  • Recognise what your priorities are
  • Decide on what steps you need to do to fulfil those priorities
  • Design a new schedule so you are able to fit in those new priorities
  • Promise yourself that you will keep those new habits so you can achieve new heights in your success and achieve your goals
  • Choose to make the right decisions

Creating new habits in your life will help you to become unstoppable and will get you closer to creating a more fulfilling life.

If you feel like you have a goal that you never achieve I can help you further, I am an NLP Practitioner, as well as a confidence and business coach, my passion and purpose is to help you to believe in yourself and achieve all the success you desire, so you can enjoy a fulfilled life from ease and flow.  I believe this can be possible for you too.

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With love and light
Sarah Humphreys

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