I think there’s something really special about April. With the clocks leaping forwards and sunlight brightening our days for longer it feels fresh and exciting. Blossom on the trees, greenery everywhere, warmer temperatures and hey – even a new tax year!

Personally I’m feeling like April is going to be a great month for new opportunities and tasks. We’ve been bogged down with our house renovation for so long and we are so close! Almost there!

But in being almost there it’s easy to get complacent and put the brakes on. That’s why this month I really want to set some goals to push on in our home and get it completed fully.

My goals for April

1) Decorate, furnish and make a start on the snug/my office

I have this dream to have a little recording booth at home. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of writing my book and one particular element I loved was recording the audio book. It reignited my old passion for broadcasting (I was a radio presenter for a decade) and I would love to have my own mini booth to help both myself and my clients with audio related work.

Before I even think about getting to that point though the room needs clearing out and decorating. It is currently used to house the last bits of the kitchen that needs finishing off, a multitude of tools and a shed load of dust. So it all needs clearing first, then painting, then tiling the fireplace and then I can think about furnishing it.

I’ve decided that as this will be the old cottage part of the house I’d like to make it cosy but whacky.

Shaun is really not keen on this idea but it’s tough. 

I have seen some bright yellow sofas which I LOVE. Shaun hates them. Let’s see who wins?

In addition to some whacky coloured furnishings I’m loving this Cole & Son monkey wallpaper. I saw it in a bar a few months ago and went on the hunt to find it. I’d just cover either the chimney breast or one feature wall in this. Shaun is going to hate it! Ha ha.


2) Sell the caravan!


So we lived in a static caravan on the garden for 10 months during our renovation and its time to sell it. Before I sell the thing it needs a damn good deep clean, repaint of some surfaces, carpets cleaned and exterior tended to.

If we get that sorted, we can put it up for sale and hopefully that would bring us around £5,000 additional (which would be more than enough for my snug fund).

Hmmm… maybe I’ve got those two goals the wrong way around. Maybe the goal should be selling the caravan to then fund the snug? Either way they’re big goals for April but I’d like to really make some huge effort to achieve them alongside what will be a very busy month at work.


3) Have some quality family time

I’d booked some time off work over Easter but sadly due to a work event that has cropped up I’ve had to give the holidays back. That means my week off is not happening. 

One of my priorities needs to be assessing where I can take some time off work in April to spend with my son who is off school for a fortnight. This is really important otherwise it feels like he gets passed from pillar to post and that wasn’t my intention for April.

So in addition to the above I need to find a few days to take off work and make sure that activities are planned in advance for us to enjoy. We are members of Martin Mere – a wetland trust which means we can go for free at any time. Blake loves it so that’s one quick and easy activity to sort.


It feels better focusing on some tangible goals for April, rather than just letting the month slide by. I encourage you to do the same – what could you achieve this month for yourself that will make your life easier, happier and less stressful? Or what is your dream goal and how can you break down those steps to achieve it focusing on the short term?


If you’d like some help staying accountable in April feel free to join my free self discipline Facebook group linked to my book here.