Argh sorry folks! This one is a proper little stinker.

When I received the Best Self Co Hemingway Deck, I knew I wanted to use the writing prompt cards for this challenge. As such, I didn’t properly flick through them and read too many. I wanted the daily journal prompt to be a shock and surprise.

However… of the 3 or 4 cards I DID pick out, today’s journal prompt was one of them.

I posted it on instagram and had a few responses back on stories, DM and in the comments about today’s particular card.


It’s a really powerful sentence for sure.

So powerful I am sat here stuck where to even start.

I’m also conscious some of these prompts have been quite deep. As I explained over on Day 1’s journal prompt, humour is a massive part of who I am. It’s how I get through day to day life. So going too deep too much, well I’m not sure it’s the most helpful thing for me right now.

My instant reaction to this question makes my stomach turn and feel like I’m in freefall.

Which is ironic for a woman who wrote a book about self discipline and habits.

Yet if you’ve read my book, or you’ve seen the reviews online, you’ll know that I don’t profess to have all this stuff together. Not one bit. My book, this blog and my endless curiosity is an ongoing quest to do better and be better. I am absolutely desperate for solid, manageable and consistent habits in my life for I know when habits are nailed, like feels balanced.


Little side note… the trick with this challenge for me is to just write and build this blog as I go. So I can be mid-flow of writing and think “ooh it would look better and break it up with a picture here” so I go on royalty free image sites and type in whatever I’m looking for. I just typed in ‘balance’ and this came up. I can’t stop looking and smiling at this picture. This is life isn’t it? Stacking things dangerously on top of one another while other stuff just continues to pour!

A 5 Minute Round Up of My Future Bad Habit Filled Life

OK talking of balance and stacking stuff, I’ve got to get to work so I’ve literally got 10 minutes to finish this because I’m working late and won’t get chance to do it later.

My life in 3 years if my bad habits continue to stand in the way looks SHOCKING.

Binge Eating

As I explained over on a previous journal day, my number one bad habit is emotional eating. I also explained in the book that I have attended Overeaters Anonymous meetings (not very anonymous I know) and I am still struggling with this. This is my number one upset and it’s gone past the point of giving a shit about my weight and how I look. You’ll know this if you watch my morning Facebook live videos when I pull out these cards. Myself and my 27 chins are not hiding away. I developed a sense of peace with my body after having my breakdown but it’s the frustration at myself and the lack of trust I have within myself to not binge eat that’s the issue.

At this moment in time I am being coached by an amazing person in the health and fitness space. His methods are incredible and people get brilliant results. Yet I can’t stick to it. My brain overrides all sense and reason and I continue to mess up so the cycle of frustration, lack of trust in myself and disappointment continues.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, as I type these responses out, the solutions do come to me. I think looking at that balancing act above, I probably need to step away from the coaching for a while and tackle the brain issue of addiction. Get myself back to OA and possibly even look into other addiction therapies. My friend Leanne Campbell has a brilliant podcast called Ladies of Liverpool and her latest episode tackles addiction. There’s a few solutions and alternative therapies mentioned in that. This week’s job – look into it and find out some more info.

What would life be like in 3 years if I don’t sort this out…

  • put on even more weight (I’ve put on over 3 stone in 2 years with this issue) which will continue to cause pain and problems in my joints, particularly my hips
  • potential health risks and problems. Obesity is a huge factor in many health conditions and I open myself up to future problems including diabetes, cancer and more!
  • I will continue to feel anger and frustration at myself because I will not trust myself
  • It won’t be good for my mental health!



Over the past year since working on our renovation I’ve had to tackle my spending. I had a few months where I was put on an Amazon Prime ban which really made me realise how much tat I buy.

This year was the year of trying to save without it feeling like saving. This is a blog for another day but I signed up to a couple of different automatic savings companies that link to your bank account. They look when money come sin and ‘skim’ a small amount into a savings account. Over the last 7 months I’ve saved ¬£800 this way – without even thinking about it or feeling like it is affecting my life.

If I were to really take a long hard look at my finances and saving, I think I could make a dent in our debts. I know exactly what to do, I’ve done this before (in the past I’ve talked about how Shaun and I saved ¬£12,000 in a year by doing some crazy and simple stuff!).

So time for that harsh reality slap in the face of what could happen if this continues…

  • we won’t prove our affordability on the house and have to sell it (if we don’t do it already anyway!)
  • it will affect my retirement years as this money could go into a pension
  • it will leave me feeling frustrated with myself (common pattern here)
  • I’ll be paying off credit cards forever
  • I won’t be able to afford luxuries that are important for family time together like meals out, trips and holidays

Right that’s all I got time for folks! One of my other terrible habits is being late for everything and this is potentially one of these moments right now.

What would your life look like in 3 years if you continue your bad habits? How will they stand in your way? How will you knock them down, create new great habits and carve out a life you love and are proud of?

Gem x

PS – Soz if any typos, no time to proof read! Tiffany Huber where are you and your eagle eyes?!