Hip hip hooray! Something that’s not as deep today (or could it have the potential to be? Depends on what you want to change).

I’m sat here thinking what I’d pick and I haven’t got long today to write something in depth.

So I’m going to keep it short and sweet and probably get a bit cross.

If you could run your country for a day, what’s one change you’d like to make?

There’s one thing that gets right on my mammaries that if I were to run the country for a day, I’d change and put some rules in place to weed out some snake oil salesmen on social media.

Online ‘gurus’ who bare faced lie on social media and persuade you to part with your money need policing.

Over the last few years I’ve worked in what you’d term the ‘online space’. This has meant I’ve worked with and collaborated with people who ‘sell’ either their services or digital products online.

It is a potential lucrative gig if you can get it.

No waiting until the end of the month for that pay check that stays the same month to month. Oh no. In the magical online world you have the earning potential of Richard Branson as you reap the rewards of passive income and then boast 5, 6, 7 figure businesses.

Working in this sector has meant that I am bombarded and constantly targeted with these similar adverts from ‘gurus’ all over the world. If you’re not in the online space, lucky you. You probably won’t get targeted with these samey samey fake BS adverts that make my piss boil every day.

They come in droves. The women are photographed in designer heels and colourful dresses. Usually casually sipping coffee in a brightly lit cafe, or fingering a stack of macaroons. There will be a leafy plant in there somewhere. And a chunky contrasting necklace. And they will be laughing.

The men pose by their sports cars and their big houses (that they hired for the day) and casually flip that shot on instagram that is supposed to be focusing on the coffee in the centre console of the car but it conveniently showcases the Rolex at the same time. The hashtags make sure you know #rolex #7figurebusiness #livingmybestlife.

The adverts entice you in; “Discover the secrets of my moon manifesting abundant life shiz and the secrets to your bajillion dollar biz”

“Learn how I went from zero to 7 figure hero.”

Everything they sell has a 7 on the end. An ebook is $47, a course is $197 and if you want to completely sell your soul and jump in on a 1-2-1 discovery call (what you discover I don’t know) then you’ll be encouraged to “listen to the universe” and whack the ‘high ticket’ package on your already bulging credit card to pay the $4997 fee.

And what will you learn?

Exactly how to do this yourself.

Many of these ‘online biz’ people are simply selling you the methods they used to entrap people like you.

This is essentially pyramid selling.

I should point out there are a multitude of online experts out there who do this exceptionally well and are not spammy dicks. They stick to their niche area of expertise and deliver real value in their online courses and coaching as they help people out of emotional difficulties, or coach them on their finances or marketing.

It’s the people who promise a life of luxury with their “7 step success secrets” who get on my nerves.

I work in PR. I know how to spin a story. So I also see through these bold statements of 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses. It’s brilliant if you’re turning over a million, but if it’s costing you $999,999 to get there, then that’s not a 7 figure business, that is a $1 business and you’re selling a lie.

Social media allows this to go on without any policing. No, you can’t put weight loss pictures side by side on Facebook ads, but you can downright lie about your earnings in a bid to honey trap more people into your web. If I were to rule for a day, this is something I’d change for the protection of innocent excited people who fall into the trap and think this is their big shot.

One person I massively lost respect for a few years back started going on about having $100,000 months. MONTHS. Sweet Mary, Jesus and Joseph how the heck did they achieve that? That is incredible. I commented and celebrated. Then realised this figure was for a launch of a product and people would be paying monthly over a number of years. So it actually translated at being around a $50-60,000 a year salary this person was making. Which is an amazing figure, so why not be honest and say “Learn the secrets to how I secured a lovely comfortable income of $60,000 a year meaning I’m not worried about my mortgage.” 

I stopped looking at these adverts a long time ago and learned to see through them. While the dazzling potential of seeing multiple zeros in your bank account really is possible for many of us, and I’ve seen some pretty incredible people skyrocket their coaching to earn this (in a legit way) sometimes you have to ask yourself what figure do you actually need to live on? You might surprise yourself when you run your numbers and realise you’re already living your best life and don’t need to kill yourself to earn ‘more’ just because everyone else is doing. Or they’re pretending to.