My first reaction to this is “Back to radio!”.

If you read my blog about just a fraction of my antics while working on the radio in the past you’ll see why I miss it.

I also miss it for a few other reasons;

1. It didn’t matter what you looked like

Some days (many days) I would turn up to work in my pyjamas! Or on those lazy weekend shows I’d be in tracksuit bottoms, hoodie and trainers. I love being comfy at work. We have a dress down Friday policy in my job right now and I swear I get more done on a Friday when I’m nice and cosy in my comfy clothes.

Being on the radio you didn’t need to worry about makeup or your hair being perfect. It was all in your voice so that pressure was taken away. If you needed to attend a meeting after the show or you were out working elsewhere when you came off air, you could just get changed. We had a shower at the studio and I’d leave changes of clothes there ‘just incase’.

2. The to-do list didn’t seem to run into the next day

This is a big grown up one. Because radio is so very here and now, there wasn’t a massive to do list at the end of every working day. I didn’t go home and continue work at home. But then maybe that’s because times were different? There were no multiple work WhatsApp groups with your boss and colleagues messaging you until late in the night. It wasn’t the norm for people to send emails out of hours. You did the work, you went home. It was a much more relaxing time for sure where you felt you could have a better work/home life balance.

I’m reading Johann Hari’s book Lost Connections at the moment and I’m just at a point where he writes;

A recent survey had confirmed that 9-5pm is indeed a relic of the past. Today the average worker checks their work email at 7:42am, gets to the office at 8:18am and leaves at 7:19pm. The recent survey also states that 1 in 3 British workers check their emails before 6:30am and 80% of British employers consider it acceptable to phone employees out of hours.”

Depressing right?

Also priceless. It’s been a while since I was on the radio and I expect there’s a big shift and expectation on presenters creating ‘off air’ content for social media. So I bet it’s not as easy and plain sailing as it used to be.

3. The opportunity to speak

Whether that is speaking on the radio and having a voice or using that voice for good off air – I loved this.

During my time on the radio I was blessed to go into schools and colleges and use my local celeb status as a speaker. These kids listened to us every morning on their way to school and felt like they knew us. So partner organisations such as the local police, local road safety team or local NHS initiatives would employ us to deliver the relevant training to young people.

You felt like you made a difference and got so much job satisfaction.

Why I wouldn’t go back to radio

In writing all this, the original journal prompt says “If all jobs were paid the same” which is the killer part of the question here. I couldn’t go back into radio because shockingly (and most people don’t believe this) at a local level it really does not pay very much.

Other jobs that I’d love if they all paid the same (just having a bit of fun with this one);

Homeschool teacher for Blake

I would love to be able to be paid to home school him. I’d take him to weird and wonderful places to hammer lessons home and we’d go explore the world and other cultures together. I’d get my entrepreneur friends to deliver lessons to him too in all things finance, mental health, resilience and business to really equip him with the skills for life. Selfishly i’d get to hang out with him too if I did this.

Full time author

I loved writing my book and am itching to start the next one. I found my ‘flow’ when getting in the writing zone and it felt so good. I’d love to be able to write full time and create my own little mini empire of self published works.

Motivational speaker

This would be the ultimate dream. I’m yet to go and see Tony Robbins live and in action but I will one day! Then I’d love to steal his job. I have a head brimming full of ideas of how this would look and feel. If you’ve ever read Gary Keller’s The One Thing this is definitely my someday goal.

Restaurant Reviewer

Finally just one for fun I’d love to go eat in nice restaurants every night. All over the world too. It would have to have an element of international travel in there. I’d need the other part of today’s prompt to say “If all jobs paid the same and calories didn’t exist” because I don’t think my waistline would appreciate this job!

What about you? Have you had a think about it? If all jobs paid the same what would you be doing 9-5?

Gem x