“Gemma this one made me smile reading it as I feel truly blessed and rich by the relationships I have in my life at the moment.” said my friend Beth and I have to agree.

Relationships doesn’t just mean your significant other. It’s the relationship you have with your family, friends, colleagues and even yourself.

I’m in Beth’s camp here too. I feel truly blessed for the relationships I have in my life.

I’ve written before on this blog about my relationship with my family. My mum, dad, sisters and their partners are some of my favourite people to hang out with and we are pretty good at organising gatherings.

Sometimes some relationships they need work and a little extra cultivation but that’s OK.

Like marriage at the moment. Shaun and I are really guilty of not spending quality time together. I can’t tell you the last ‘date night’ we went on and we haven’t been away just the two of us for a long time. We’ve done a couple of spa weekends over the years and sadly had to cancel one weekend away to Rome but we are seriously lacking in the face-to-face quality time department. It’s no surprise with all we have had going on renovating the house.

Even in the evenings at the moment I am useless. I’ve had a couple of crazy weeks at work, not getting much more than 3 hours sleep a night. That stopped a few days ago and ever since I’ve crashed by 8pm! Sometimes I’m fast asleep before Blake so that’s not great for Shaun and I snuggling up on the sofa and having quality time.

Note to self: book somewhere fun for the two of us to go and have a laugh together.

Spending time with friends

Sometimes I am brilliant at organising stuff with friends and sometimes it feels like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to organising things.

I’ve had a bumper weekend with friends which has been awesome. Sunday was spent with my Liverpool mates – the girls I have got to know through Shaun and his friends. I have to say they are brilliant at keeping social arrangements going. Even writing this has reminded me that I could do to pull my weight with this lovely group because it’s always someone else organising it and not me. That’s the key to maintaining these friendship groups – everyone has to pitch in with organising stuff! (Another note to self: look for something fun to suggest for the six of you).

Puddle Jumping Championships

This Saturday just gone was a bit of a last minute thing where I had organised to attend the Puddle Jumping Championships with my sisterĀ and my friend Kate and then had friends coming over to see the house on Sunday. My sis dropped out of the Sat arrangements so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and swap everything round so all could come along to Martin Mere.

Oh we had loads of fun! The weather was glorious and the kids had a ball jumping in the sunshine. My friend Mark (Sparky) who I used to present with on the radio was there with his daughter so I got to have a good catch up with him too.

I had the camera out so did my duties behind the lens. I always love to do this. It’s great having these memories to look back on. I always feel really proud heading to my friend’s homes and realising many of the framed photos around their houses are moments I have captured for them.


While Kate, Beccy and I strolled along laughing at the kids getting into mischief we reminisced about old times.

“I used to be fun!”

“I am so boring now!”

“Go can you remember when life was easy?”

Were common battle cries of us all.

The things is, we aren’t boring and life is still fun. Yes it’s a challenge with kids but it’s just different. Do we want to be out on the town on the lash until the early hours these days? Nah not me. I was happy to come back to ours for pizzas, beers and a disco dance in the living room with the kids.

Before everyone left we made sure we got the diaries out and booked another date to meet up in April. This has been the key to maintaining friendships. Life is so busy and so fast but making sure you get another date in the diary as you are all together is key to keeping those social events going.

We also realised there are a few other lovely friends with kids who might appreciate a day’s stroll around the wetlands with the kids so made sure we tell them too.

Your relationships – any that need a boost?

If you’re reading this and you have a group of friends you haven’t seen for ages or you’re in need of a night out or you’re craving some quality time with your other half/kids/siblings/parents – start by getting a date together when you’re free and get something sorted.

Because before you know it a month passes, then 6, then a year.

Time never stands still so make the time to keep connected and in touch with those that you love.

Gem x