It’s 7:41pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’m heading to bed in a second but not before completing today’s blog.

It’s been a crazy old week at work and I only slept for a couple of hours last night. I’m that knackered I can’t see the keyboard properly! So I’m gonna jam pack this entry full of family pics.

OK so here goes with today’s prompt…

Describe Something You’re Grateful That You Learned From Your Parents

Firstly say hello to my Mum and Dad. Gorgeous little buggers aren’t they?

They’ve been married for 30 years this year and are a ball of fun and laughter. I love hanging out with my mum and dad. Particularly with my sisters and their fellas. As long as you give my mum booze we all have a ball!

OK so it’s easy to answer this one.

My mum and dad, together, taught me what family truly means.

I explained in a previous blog about my best day ever (their wedding day) Shortly after they got married we were officially adopted by dad, taking his surname and finally feeling like a proper family.

Ever since that day in late 1990 when the kind judge at Chorley Crown Court asked us how we felt about being adopted (and I was so excited I think I peed my pants) we have been a family. A normal, boring, everyday wonderful family unit. When my little sister Nina came along in 1993 it was just the best feeling ever having this amazing small person we got to call our little baby sis. When we moved into our larger family home when Nina was a toddler it was a brilliant feeling of content.

As we have got older that fundamental family value has remained but we’ve thrown alcohol into the mix, banter and mandatory trolling of Nina’s boyfriend Harry. It’s just the law. You have to troll Harry.

My family, my mum and dad well they’re not like your average parents. I love hanging out with them socially and having a ball. I know my hubby feels the same – particularly when we are all out together. Us sisters and our fellas, mum and dad. The 8 of us + drink = hilarity.

Making Time for Family Memories

What I love about our little family is that we make time for one another. We plan stuff in the diary whether it’s lovely country walks, a meal out or a crazy night at Bongo’s Bingo.

Family and spending fun times together is vitally important. I’m so grateful we get to do this with mum and dad and I hope Blake wants to hang out with us two in the future!

If you still have your folks here with you and you haven’t hung out for a while, could you plan something in?

Yes, families can at times be a strain but it’s about making and building happy family memories to last a lifetime.

We have a lorry load full of fun and happy family memories.

And I’m so very grateful for it!

Gem x