Hello and welcome to the next 28 days of journal prompts and writing.

As I explained in the last blog, I need a bit of an accountability kick up the arse and I want to get my writing back on track.

As it’s a brand spanking shiny new month, what better time to start off a little writing challenge? If you want to play along, please do join us in my free Self Discipline Support Group on Facebook.

So I explained I bought myself some lovely Hemingway Cards from Best Self Co and these are what I’m going to use each day. I’ll draw one out the pack every morning live on Facebook.

The cards have got different categories; Life, Education & Career, Love & Relationships,Self-Reflection, Random and World.

Today’s Writing Prompt

“Where would you most like to live and why aren’t you already living there?”

The Difference Between Where You Live and ‘Home’

If you’d have asked me the prompt question of where I’d like to live a few years ago, I would’ve said Australia. However with age and parenthood, I really don’t know if I could tear myself away from family and friends to move so far away.

This card today is the Universe’s way of making me face something that’s been niggling us (I think). Last night me and the husband ended up in a bit of a downer discussion about individual and collective stresses we have at the moment with regards to our home.

We’ve recently completed stage 1 of the most difficult and stressful project of our lives – our house renovation.

We bought an almost 200 year old cottage in our village, ripped out the interior until it was a shell and we’ve spent an ungodly amount of money, time and energy putting it all back together again.

Yesterday we asked ourselves “At what cost?”. My husband has got to the point where it’s all just a bit too much – stress wise and even suggested selling the place.

Rather than get upset and plead “no” I actually agreed.

Which goes hand in hand with this prompt card today. I think there’s a difference between where you live and ‘home’. I don’t want any sympathy on this because right now we ‘live’ in something pretty spectacular but it isn’t ‘home’ yet. It doesn’t hit you right in the feels the moment you walk in yet. It isn’t somewhere you can truly relax as you pass the dusty floors full of tools, the lights hanging out the walls and the bit of tile shards scattered all over the place.

It isn’t home when the finances keep you awake at night. When you daren’t look at that budget spreadsheet because it pretty much doubled and you feel nauseous at the debt.

It isn’t home when you’re constantly checking the Brexit news to assess whether it could mess up your house valuation. Because you need it to break even at least so you can remortgage to pay everyone back that you owe.

It isn’t home when it takes you away from your family for weekends on end and you don’t spend quality time together.

It isn’t home when you have to visit your son’s school to make sure he’s OK because you know the whole project has affected him too. He might be 8 but he feels the stress and the pressure and he notices.

What is home?

Home is in your heart.

Cliched and sad but true. It’s the people and feeling you come back to, not the door you necessarily put your key into. 

So to answer this question, where would I like to live (and why am I not already living there?) I would like to live anywhere that allows us as a family to thrive. To ensure we always put each other first. Somewhere we can sleep soundly at night.

To me, it really doesn’t matter where that is. But one thing I know, if it’s not here where we are right now, it can be sold and we can rebuild our family unit again elsewhere.

Houses can be knocked down and rebuilt many times.

Relationships can’t withstand as much.

Bricks and mortar don’t define you.

The people you come home to, and how you feel that does.

Gem x