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So launch week is well and truly underway and the book is out there on Amazon.

If you haven’t grabbed your copy, it’s 99p for the next day or so. Get yours here

It was really important to me to not just write a book about self discipline but have extra methods of support. Willpower is not infinite and so having people to guide, support and keep you accountable is super important.

Therefore I created a couple of extra things for anyone reading the book;

1 – the 10 day online coaching course which would guide people through daily tasks to help build their habits
2 – a supportive facebook group where people could connect and keep each other accountable

In the Facebook group (which you can join via this link I am encouraging members to sit down on a Sunday evening or Monday morning. The idea, as outlined in the group, is to audit the week that’s been and then plan for the week ahead. It shouldn’t take long but it’s great to have a focus and get it out there.

Lana mentioned in the group that this coming week is about sorting her wardrobes.

It made me think back to the very first book that started me on this path; The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

Now I’m a naturally messy little bugger. Too much going on, too many distractions and I just leave everything everywhere. It’s definitely one of my worst personality traits.

At the moment I live in a caravan and we have reduced our possessions hugely, but definitely not enough. We constantly look like we live in a jumble sale. So Lana’s post about focusing on sorting the wardrobes got me excited to do the same and an all round de-clutter – especially when off between Christmas and New Year.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo isn’t the greatest of reads but the concept of her tidying and sorting method is brilliant. I’ve been folding my clothes a la Marie Kondo for three years (when I actually fold them and they don’t end up on the fllor-drobe!).

So how do you declutter your life? And therefore free up important headspace?

1) Categorise

Put your belongings into categories and subcategories. For the purpose of this blog I’ll use clothing as an example:

1. Clothing
– socks
– knickers
– bras
– tops
– jumpers
– trousers
– dresses
– jackets
– tights

The idea is you start subcategory by subcategory. Which leads me onto step 2:

2) Gather and Pile

You get EVERY item in that subcategory from around your home and you pile it into the middle of the room.

Start one subcategory at a time and work down the list. So following the list above, start with socks.

Get every single sock in your home (your belongings only to start with – nobody else’s) and pile them up in the middle of the floor.

Pair up any odd ones.

Next, take each bundled pair and ask “does this spark joy?”. Yes this sounds absolutely insane. It is. Marie Kondo asks you to clutch each sock and think back to happy times. She also mentions being grateful and thankful to all the times you’ve shared. Yes, she does sound like she’s on drugs. But ask yourself the question anyway and if the answer is ‘yes’, put them in a keep pile. If the answer is ‘no’ put them in a pile to either bin or recycle or donate.

3) Repeat Category by Category

The trick is to keep this small. If you clear out every single item out all wardrobes, drawers and cupboards you’re going to drown in a sea of cotton and lose the will to live very quickly.

4) when you’re left with the ‘keep’ pile, fold and store them in a way where they can all be seen.


See exhibit A here. These were my drawers before and after. I’m pretty proud that while my floors might ming and the washing up sometimes gets left for a couple of days, my drawers still look like this 3 years on.

It’s just great being able to see everything and I end up wearing far more items than I did before when items were folded flat on top of one another. The stuff at the bottom never got worn.

5) Recycle, Sell or Bin

After every category get ready to get rid. Can you recycle? Can you sell anything? Is anything beyond repair and needs to go in the bin?

Don’t leave these items lying around in bin bags. Get them on eBay, or get them to the top or the charity shop the same day if you can. There’s no better feeling than passing on possessions to good causes and coming home to clearer drawers and wardrobes.

6) Move onto the Next Category!

Once you’ve tackled all the clothing sub categories it’s time to move onto the next. (Do check out Marie Kondo’s folding techniques here though as they’re great

This is a good example of Marie Kondo’s category list. Sorry it’s in a comic sans font. I know, it’s making me want to vom too. It’s good content though and clearly shows a comprehensive order to tackle your belongings.

It’s a good idea to try and not attempt this in one day or a weekend. It’s more realistic to tackle this either over a few weekends or if you’ve got a week off, try it then. Hence the idea of doing it category by category.

It’s a proper mammoth task but once free of clutter you find you not only live clean and tidy, but you are also more conscious about your spending. As I said, I’m three years in and my drawers are still folded Kon-Marie style. Shame the rest of my current caravan dwelling doesn’t spark joy!